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The Best Coffee in the World…

1 Jan


I met David Twyman when he was a young man in Scotland, many years ago.

Mi Cyaan Believe it…But mi know you believe it, laaawd, mi know you believe it.

30 Oct


Long Time…

Mi Feel It

It A Come

Mi Cyaan Believe it

Mikey Smith 14 September 1954 – 17 August 1983

In 1978 he represented Jamaica at the 11th World Festival of Youth.

He was educated at Kingston College and the St George’s College.

‘Tek a trip from Kingston to Jamaica, tek twelve from a dozen, mi see mi mama in heaven. Madhouse. Mi cyaan believe it.

(I take a trip from Kingston to Jamaica, and see my mother in heaven.
Madhouse. I can`t believe it)
You believe it?
(Do you you believe it?)
How you fi believe it when you blind you eye to it?
(How are you going to believe it when you close your eye to it)
But mi know you believe it, laaawd, mi know you believe it.
(But I know you belive it, Lord, I know you believe it.)’

At around 11am on the 17th August 1983, 96 years to the day after the birth of Marcus Garvey, the 28-year-old Jamaican poet Michael Smith died…