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Photographer Captures Woodpecker Showing Weasel the World

3 Mar



Aladdin jokes aside, what you are actually witnessing is a remarkable battle for survival as a Green woodpecker attempts to escape the predatory clutches of a weasel. The incredible photo was caught on camera by amateur bird watcher and photographer Martin Le-May who spotted the event in East London’s Hornchurch Country Park.

Since being posted on Twitter yesterday afternoon, the photo has gone viral and has been published by news outlets around the world. Le-May explains that the woodpecker was feeding on some ground-dwelling insects when the weasel went for the sneak attack. Naturally the bird tried to take flight and the pair got as high as 10 ft before landing again where the woodpecker managed to free itself and live another day.

[Sources: Mashable, Slate, Jason Ward on Twitter, Martin Le-May on Twitter]

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Servant’s Stairwell shaped to accommodate a coffin lowered from the servant’s quarters.

20 Mar

Servant's Stairwell shaped to accommodate a coffin from the servant's quarters.

Berrington Hall
A National Trust Property.


Baldrick Rocks the Royal Cradle…

18 Mar

Tony Robinsons’ documentary tracing the family history of our royals has established that our queen is NOT the rightful heir to the throne of England – nor is ANYONE within her family.­l-monarch



Two of England’s most precious creatures…

27 Feb

Two of England's most precious creatures...

Fry Sign Hog


iBenedictines of Holy Trinity Monastery, Herefordshire PAX…

16 Feb


Sharing a Vocation with the World . .

Of Mercury and Meteorites

by Digitalnun on February 16, 2013


Robin Wood recreates the wonderful bowls of George Lailey…

15 Feb

George Lailey’s bowls were so popular that Harrods sold them. One even toured the world in a show about English crafts.

Like his forebears, George Lailey operated out of a small workshop, Turner’s Green, Bucklebury  in rural Berkshire. An item made by him was collected by the British Council in the 1940s and toured the commonwealth. The bowl on the lathe in Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading is said to have been one he was making at the time of his death in 1958.

His grave in Bucklebury is appropriately marked with a wooden cross.

Lailey's Grave

Two Lailey bowls, the larger one well used…



Beloved Highclere Estate…

7 Feb

I have been visiting Highclere castle & grounds since they opened to the public way back in the 1980’s. The Castle and grounds are very handsome, Carnarvon of Tutankhamun fame buried atop Beacon Hill, overlooking the estate.
The Chapel and grave yard are fascinating, especially Lady Evelyn’s memorial, that of Victorian Housekeeper and a 21 year old ‘King of the Gypsies’. There is a delightful wilderness walk around a lake where trees have fallen in and all is quiet…bringing one out at the Highclere Estate Cricket field…lovely place to sit and soak up England on a summer’s day. I LOVE HIGHCLERE xxx

I have a signed copy of the current Countess of Carnarvon’s book…

Lady Almina & the Real Downton AbbeyLady Almina & the Real Downton Abbey