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Two of England’s most precious creatures…

27 Feb

Two of England's most precious creatures...

Fry Sign Hog


iBenedictines of Holy Trinity Monastery, Herefordshire PAX…

16 Feb


Sharing a Vocation with the World . .

Of Mercury and Meteorites

by Digitalnun on February 16, 2013


Robin Wood recreates the wonderful bowls of George Lailey…

15 Feb

George Lailey’s bowls were so popular that Harrods sold them. One even toured the world in a show about English crafts.

Like his forebears, George Lailey operated out of a small workshop, Turner’s Green, Bucklebury  in rural Berkshire. An item made by him was collected by the British Council in the 1940s and toured the commonwealth. The bowl on the lathe in Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading is said to have been one he was making at the time of his death in 1958.

His grave in Bucklebury is appropriately marked with a wooden cross.

Lailey's Grave

Two Lailey bowls, the larger one well used…



The Living Rainforest…Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire UK

14 Feb

The Living Rainforest...Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire UK

The Goaldi family enclosure, a joy to watch these little monkeys feeding & playing…has been 20 years since I took my baby son to the Living Rainforest Gardens at Hampstead Norreys, then a stone’s throw from where we lived, and JAM was trundled round in his pram. Today he took his sweetheart Billie for her Saint Valentine’s Day treat, and ol’ Mother came too…was lovely, and the £10 entrance fee is valid for yet an other enjoyable year…we will go back each season to see the flowering plants, and the multitude of animals, insects, butterflies , fowl and reptiles…what a joy in the Berkshire countryside!


WWW.PODIUM.ME…the voice of the under 20’s

12 Feb

PODIUM.ME...the voice of the under 20's


Indian Runner Ducks…

12 Feb

Indian Runner Ducks...

My favourite duck…we had them as pets in our Garden of Eden, Scotland, and they are the most perfect shape to be scooped up and hugged. We had a noisy but equally loving flock of Guinea Fowl…
Happy memories.

I had a neighbour at Horris Bank, who was terrified of her cockerel…as he always ran at her! Well he ran at me one day, having escaped, so I scooped him up, realizing all he wanted was a hug x



…then there was this BEAUTY

10 Feb

...then there was this BEAUTY

Unlike most wildlife documentaries this two part BBC delight focuses intimately on one man’s life committed to rescue and nurture of Joeys, baby Kangaroos orphaned in their mother’s pouch, forgotten live victims of roadkill, and his devotion to feeding them, socializing them and eventually setting them free or introducing them to his life’s work reserve and his rescue ‘Mob’…solitary work 24/7, always alert to the danger of dog packs or wild fire in his tin shack and fenced off land near Alice Springs…More of a man than Crocodile Dundee BECAUSE he declares himself MOTHER to these wee tiny needy creatures, who would perish without his care, understanding & love.

The view inside a Kangaroo pouch, bean like baby clamped on teat, and the improvised pillowcase pouches essential for the gangly, needy growing Joeys and the snuggledown time at night…contrasting with the fierce fights he has to escape from, as a once rescue baby, now top Roo in his Mob, shows his muscles and killer strength…tremendous!


Lost Land of the Volcano…Mount Bosavi breaks the mould!

10 Feb

Lost Land of the Volcano...Mount Bosavi breaks the mould!

New Guinea

Bosavi Rat ACE TEENY Snale like Steve's Pet

lost-land-of-the-volcano-bbc-episode-2-img bos cus

This three part series is fantastic, filmed under incredibly challenging circumstances by an ACE and very brave, frequently  foolhardy in their commitment,  team of experts and adventurers, who share their thrill at discovering creatures totally unique and fearless of humans. Respectful to the local tribespeople  who play a key part in sharing this pristine land, one hopes the area will now be protected and left as a jewel on the delicate face of this earth.

Unique in its spontaneity unlike the ‘Rolls Royce’  Attenborough style of informative story telling, this precious film is live live live , thoroughly dangerous & very exciting to watch, impossible to forget!

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…and for & by Sandy Sue!

9 Feb



Blah Blah Fry…

9 Feb