Lost Land of the Volcano…Mount Bosavi breaks the mould!

10 Feb

Lost Land of the Volcano...Mount Bosavi breaks the mould!

New Guinea

Bosavi Rat ACE TEENY Snale like Steve's Pet

lost-land-of-the-volcano-bbc-episode-2-img bos cus

This three part series is fantastic, filmed under incredibly challenging circumstances by an ACE and very brave, frequently  foolhardy in their commitment,  team of experts and adventurers, who share their thrill at discovering creatures totally unique and fearless of humans. Respectful to the local tribespeople  who play a key part in sharing this pristine land, one hopes the area will now be protected and left as a jewel on the delicate face of this earth.

Unique in its spontaneity unlike the ‘Rolls Royce’  Attenborough style of informative story telling, this precious film is live live live , thoroughly dangerous & very exciting to watch, impossible to forget!

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