Blah Blah Fry…

9 Feb

One Response to “Blah Blah Fry…”

  1. Sandy Sue February 10, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

    How many times can I hit the “like” button? I absolutely love Robert! Never watched Red Dwarf, never seen him before, but I want to crawl in his car and chat all day. What a sweet man. And then there’s Stephen, being so fabulously Stephen! Oh, what a gift!

    I’ve read that men are more comfortable having a conversation side by side like that rather than face to face. So, this premise, this set up of driving together in the car naturally makes the male passenger open up more. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I wonder if he ever drives any female guests/passengers? If he does, I’ll wager they turn a little in the seat and try to look at him.

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