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16 Feb


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Of Mercury and Meteorites

by Digitalnun on February 16, 2013


East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service ATTACK

16 Oct

East Sussex WRAS

Big thank you to Sussex Police, who I had to call out tonight after a vehicle stopped me on my way home from a rescue and forced me up against the side of the ambulance demanding drugs out of the ambulance. Police are searching for the person who attacked me and pinned me by the throat to the side of the ambulance. Luckily we do not routinely carry drugs on board our ambulances. I’m rather shaken and sore round the throat. I sincerely hope that the police find the person responsible and so glad that nothing worse happened.”


“…How sad a human will attack a fellow human out of chemical need,when an animal in need can not directly ask for help,and our animal friends live a clean drug free life,whilst so many humans seem set to destroy themselves.”
Evelyn Atholl Moir
Wednesday 17th October
‎”Thank you to everyone who has contacted me both WRAS supporter, friends, and media and for everyone’s best wishes. To be honest it has really helped talking about it and help me deal with and move forward – so thank you for your kind words.”
Trevor Weeks MBE
Anyone with information should call 101, quoting serial 1861 of 15/10.

Edna the Inebriate Woman

15 Oct

Edna the Inebriate Woman

“I am not the vagrant” haunts me…a wonderful performance not to be forgotten.