Look again…

14 Oct

“Look again at what you have, with fresh eyes. Be inventive.

Steel can be more beautiful than Gold, and stronger”.

Ipsa Dixit 14th October 2012

Freecycle Garden Newt Pond from Shower tray.

A Fruit wood branch to be deployed as escape route after bathing. A glass ‘dump’ paperweight and silicone cupcake molds provide safe and effective seal on plug hole for now…improvisation that also looks pretty…glass dump like a giant dew drop. Can be emptied and moved in an instant, deployed on a slope there is shallow & depth. Checked regularly just in case there is a safety issue for creatures, worm rescued today!

Inspired by my son discovering one of our resident Newts trapped in the cat’s drinking dish, big rock now in place for safe exit…NEWTS CAN CLIMB, Toads walk & Frogs hop.

One Response to “Look again…”

  1. Moss Piglet October 20, 2012 at 10:26 pm #

    New Pear wood logs in place for amphibian access and escape, photo update in the morning.

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