22 Oct

Moss Piglet’s homeboy Axi Ambystoma Axolotl…

He wants to celebrate our crossing the continental landbridge today and hitting República del Ecuador with his ‘I’m homesick’ song …not again Axi PLEASE 

…go on then Axi HIT IT BOY!

“I was NOT born in Basingstoke!  I am endangered in the wild and I came from somewhere in an egg.  I’m an eight and a half year old baby…I am EXOTIC OK” 

NEWS FROM THE TANK: AXI  GOT A NEW HOUSE…bigger tank arrived yesterday 30th October as O’l Cup Mouth’s ‘heed’ got bigger due to ‘kerfuffle’ here on WordPress AND the cheeky fellow got some of Fred Cat’s Pollock Fish, (the tail end) for breakfast this morning, after months of refusing to eat anything but 99p Store’s  Mealworm for Birds…after rejecting his  expensive ‘Krill’ flavoured sinking Trout Pellets, now in the post to an Old Sea Dog in Scotland, who will probably get a tummy ache from tasting them! Oh lordy.

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