“I don`t have to be here!” – Obasanjo at Ikeja Bomb Blast

10 Nov

“Obasanjo climbed the car, took control of the situation immediately and knew what to say and do, he controlled the whole crowd; that is courage and decisiveness and action that Nigerians need in a leader.”

Obasanjo told me, during lunch at his farm, Easter 1985, that he has been a Soldier, at that time was a Farmer and wanted to be a Lion Tamer…prophetic words. He served  twice as his nation’s head of state, as a military ruler between 13 February 1976 to 1 October 1979, and  became President Elect of Nigeria from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007.

He trained as a young soldier close to my home in England…

Denison Barracks,  Hermitage, Berkshire.

Small world.

Oluṣẹgun Mathew Okikiọla Arẹmu Ọbasanjọ.

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