I do not…

15 Oct






I do not rush into a corner & try to weep myself to death;

I turn to that Sun which is the centre of my love, and dry my bedraggled wings in its rays.

Evelyn Atholl Moir BA ’81

Aside 14 Oct

הבוקר הושגתי הפתק הברור הראשון שלי על שופר

Morning; achieved my first clear note on shofar.


Aside 14 Oct

Today I ask for your forgiveness…

As a child, I snuggled in your fur…I wrapped my arms around your neck.

I played, in awe but fearless.

Pulled dagger teeth, poked  glassy eyes, grasped languid razor claws.

Hard plaster tongue & snout; lifeless, chipped, dusty.

Pelt limp, spreadeagled trimmed with felt, balding, bullet scarred & faded.

Bones broken, missing; Death.

I did not think of  you alive old Tiger Skin Rug. 


 White Tiger waves